“The natural healing ability within each of us is the most powerful force to live a healthy and balanced life”


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    Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

RTT provides great relief from stress and anxiety, helps overcome fears and phobias, increases focus, confidence and motivation, it can also help with weight management, build healthy relationships, infertility, OCD, addictions: smoking, drinking, as well as physical manifestations of emotions.

RTT therapy is a complete, solution-based approach, it can be used in several different ways, combining the best of hypnotherapy with psychotherapy, NLP (neuro - linguistic programming), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), neuroscience and mindfulness for rapid permanent lasting results.



You want to stop Feeling like this.

You are ready to get rid of Restricting issues.

You want to live a Happier, more Positive and Fulfilled Life.

Stop Suffering and Start Living.

Let's Get Started!

I’m guiding my clients to transform their thought process in a way that will free them from any limiting beliefs and replaces them with positive change that they need in their life.

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    The RTT Method

RTT is an advanced therapy method, based on neuroscience, that provides rapid relief from physical, emotional and psychological pain e.g., anxiety, stress, fears and phobias by reframing our negative core beliefs, thoughts, emotions and habits that are deep in the subconscious mind. By rapidly rewiring the neural pathways of the brain through hypnosis and guided therapy sessions, RTT reinstates old negative thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of behavior to a new positive beliefs so the direct shift and healing process can begin.

RTT combines the best of Hypnotherapy with the most beneficial principles of different methods of therapy including Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT as well as mindfulness.

RTT helps people to be more successful in business, achieve great results in sports, improve memory and well – being overall.